Blockchain Infrastrucuture Company Disrupting Digital Ad Industry
We are working on an open source Blockchain project called JEXO-A Block Claim protocol. We are building the JEXO-A Block Claim protocol specifically for the Advertising Industry. The project has started and ongoing within our Labs.

JEXO-A Blockchain with its transparency, through better protocols and tracking along the value chain will make it the choice of all Enterprises in the Digital Advertising Industry. Its capabilitiies to prevent fraud will result in higher market efficiency through P2P networks between Ad Agencies, Ad Networks, Publishers and any other Ad Solution Provider.

JEXO-A Blockchain will level the playing field by establishing much needed trust among all players of the Industry thus tilting the balance of power that is currently very disproportionate.

We are currently getting ready to raise further private funding for the project. Additionally, in October of 2018, we will hold an ICO for JEXO Block Claim Protocol.

If you are interested in the project, please email us at

Power Founders Duo is back at WORK with
JEXO™ Blockchain and JEXO™ Block Claim Protocol

One of the best Enterprise Software Architects in the world
Built many of the Fortune 100 Companies Infrastructures

Kishor Patil

Seasoned Entrepreneur, Inventor & Technologist
Digital Advertising & Marketing based Inventions, Patents

Giorgio Talegon
Not everyone can do a Project of this caliber, but this power duo have
what it takes to build JEXO™ Blockchain and JEXO™ Block Claim Protocol

If you are interested in the project, please email us at