We are working on an open source Blockchain project called JEXO-A Block Claim protocol. We are building the JEXO-A Block Claim protocol specifically for the Advertising Industry. The project has started and ongoing within our Labs.

JEXO-A Blockchain with its transparency, through better protocols and tracking along the value chain will make it the choice of all Enterprises in the Digital Advertising Industry. Its capabilitiies to prevent fraud will result in higher market efficiency through P2P networks between Ad Agencies, Ad Networks, Publishers and any other Ad Solution Provider.

JEXO-A Blockchain will level the playing field by establishing much needed trust among all players of the Industry thus tilting the balance of power that is currently very disproportionate.

We are currently getting ready to raise further private funding for the project. Additionally, in October of 2018, we will hold an ICO for JEXO Block Claim Protocol.

If you are interested in the project, please email us at jexoproject@hyperbidder.com

How to create a Metamask Wallet Tutorial

How to buy JEXO™ tokens directly from our Beta Client Hyperbidder Ad Exchange Portal
Some of the reasons why JEXO™ Token Generation Event will be a success

Existing Platform with Hyperbidder

JEXO™ Token is already utilized by Hyperbidder

Great Engineering Team

Regulatory Reasons

Disrupting $230 Billion Digital Ad Industry

The Management Team

Giorgio Talegon
Co-Founder & CEO

Giorgio Talegon
Co-Founder & CEO
Kishor Patil
Co-Founder & CTO

Kishor Patil
Co-Founder & CTO

Roger Walter
Chief Operating Officer

Roger Walter
Evelyn Hofstetter
Global Legal Councel

Evelyn Hofstetter
Global Legal Counsel

ICO Advisory Team

Christian Gutekunst
ICO Advisor
Tax Expert

Christian M. Gutekunst
ICO Advisor/Tax Expert
Timo Trippler
ICO Advisor
ICO Fundraiser

Timo Trippler
ICO Advisor/ICO Fundraiser

Juergen Kob
ICO Advisor
ICO Strategist

Juergen Kob
ICO Strategy Advisor
Harald Plewka
ICO Advisor
Corporate Attorney

Harald Plewka
ICO Advisor/Corporate Attorney

The Roadmap

JEXO Token

Pre-Private Token Sale:
Private Token Sale:
Pre-Public Token Sale:
Public Token Sale:


JEXO: The Utility Token that powers JEXO™ Blockchain
Disrupting the Digital Advertising Industry

We will hold an ICO to fund our Blockchain Project "JEXO™". JEXO™ is an open source Blockchain specifically developed for the Digital Ad Industry. The JEXO™ Blockchain will be built with JEXO™'s Block Claim Protocol.
Token EventCoins Offered
Pre-Private Token Sale:  6,000,000
The Private Token Sale:  6,000,000
Pre-Public Token Sale:12,000,000
The Public Token Sale:  36,000,000
Total:  60,000,000

We are going to conduct a series of fund raising rounds before we hold our ICO in fall of 2018. In our first round, we are raising $1.2 Million and offer 6 Million of our JEXO™ tokens at $0.20 to investors by invitation only. Once this round is completed, we will raise an additional $2.4 Million for another 6 Million of our JEXO™ tokens at $0.40 and that will conclude our Private sale that is only open to Private Investors. Depending on how soon the Private Rounds closes, we will hold a Pre-ICO together with our Partners in Asia to offer 12 Million of our JEXO™ Tokens at $0.60 per JEXO™. This round will be conducted together with our Partners and will be open to all Public. And finally, in October, we will hold our ICO where we will offer 36 Million of our JEXO™ Tokens at $0.80, or if there is a bigger demand, a dutch auction is also possible.


How does having an Existing Product help Hyperbidder?

Most ICO's, upto now, have been trying to raise funding for their coins or tokens without any product or service in place. They have been trying to sell their tokens saying they have a project that they will build a product out of the funds they raise through their token or coin sale. This is never a guarantee as many of them have been a pump and dump, or a scam. Hyperbidder, on the other hand, has a finished product with many business functionalities and has been around for over ten years.

Is it absolutely necessary to have a platform for a token to be offered?

The idea behind offering a token is to use it in a platform, usually the accompanying company's platform. While so many ICOs offer tokens, they do not have a platform to use the token for a use case. The token that is offered should have a purpose and should be used in a platform for a user case that achieves a goal. Also, it is best if the usage of the token in the Platform or in the Eco System adds value to the overall Eco System or Platform. This is where JEXO™ also sets us apart from other so called ICOs that never materialize. We, unlike most, have had a very sophisticated platform where our token JEXO™ will be used in. It is a big advantage to already have a running, functioning built-in platform.

Does JEXO™ have a user case, or a meaningful purpose?

Yes, absolutely. We are a building an open source core Blockchain for the Digital Ad Industry, and our token will be part of our ECO system that offer solutions to existing problems in Advertising Industry. However, we already recently built a custom API that allows advertisers to use our JEXO™ Token to buy advertising through our parent company Hyperbidder's Platform. Users can already buy our JEXO™ Token with Cryptocurrency (Ethereum) through our Hyperbidder Platform to use it in the Hyperbidder Platform.

What about regulations? Does your ICO take place at a ICO friendly country with less regulations?

Yes, definitely. We are in Switzerland. It is the Blockchain and ICO Capital of the world. They call Zug the Crypto Valley. Switzerland is one of the most ICO friendly countries in the world. Also, since the taxes are very favorable to corporations, a lot of companies relocate to Switzerland to offer their ICOs. We have been here long before the ICOs started.

How many JEXO™ will be offered?

There will be very limited "JEXO™" that will be offered in total. Only 60,000,000 "JEXO™" will be made available for all Token sales. There will be 6,000,000 JEXO™ Tokens offered during Pre-Private Sale, another 6,000,000 during Private Sale, 12,000,000 during Pre-Public Sale, and 36,000,000 during the Public Sale.

How many Publishers does Hyperbidder have in its Advertising Platform? Also, what kind of Technologies Hyperbidder uses?

Hyperbidder is a large Ad Exchange Network with more than a thousand Publishers with NBC/Universal as one of the largest Publishers. Hyperbidder utilizes Artificial Intelligence to enhance its technology. With more funding, Hyperbidder will develop its Blockchain Technologies on top of its existing Application (JEE) that runs its Platform.

Does being around for a while help Hyperbidder and JEXO™?

Yes, definitely. Hyperbidder has been around for a while and has brand recognition. A simple search on Google or other search engines would reveal that many web sites mention or highlight Hyperbidder as Google alternative for advertising.

What makes JEXO™ so special? Why shoud investors invest in JEXO™?

We are building an open source Blockchain specifically for the Digital Advertising Industry with a $230 Billion market share. Up until now, a lot of companies have been promising they bring so much change with their token, and have built nothing new but instead took the Ethereum's coin and cookie cut it and then claim it they have the solution. What most people do not realize is that the Ethereum coin has limitations and is mostly good in the Financial Blockchain. Our engineers on the other hand are building a different kind of token with a wide range of capabilities that is better suited for the digital Ad Industry. Also what many people do not know or do not realize is that not everything can be done on Blockchain. Since you can not have too many transactions through the current Blockchain, certain things need to be done off-chain for example. We are building the JEXO™ Blockchain utilizing the Block Claim Protocol, our secret sauce. And no, we will not disclose to anyone what this protocol does. We are seasoned entrepreneurs with one Founder, Kishor Patil, having built many Enterprise Infrastructures for Fortune 100 Companies and is considered one of the best Enterprise Software Architects in the world while the other Founder, Giorgio Talegon, has built an Ad Exchange Network called Hyperbidder that runs on its own propriatory Technology, and has papers Published. In short, what we are trying to say is we have the know how and we know what we are doing.

What will the JEXO™ Token pricing be like?

We will issue limited amount of JEXO™ unlike most ICOs that issue Billions of coins. Since the amount will be limited to only 60,000,000 JEXO™ and currently the pricing on JEXO™ will be $0.20 per JEXO™ for the Pre-Private Sale, $0.40 for the Private Sale, $0.60 for Pre-Public Sale, and $0.80 for Public Sale.

Most investors prefer to invest in ICOs with good engineers behind it. How is your engineering Team?

Our biggest asset is our Engineering power. While most ICOs have no engineer, or have never built anything, we spent most of our time developing new technologies. We have been developing AI based solutions for over ten years and have inventions in Digital Advertising. In short, we have been around, and with our extensive experience in software engineering, there is nothing we can not build. One of the Founders of Hyperbidder, Kishor Patil, is a well-respected Enterprise Solutions Software Architect while the other Founder, Giorgio Talegon has published patents on Digital Advertising specifically on Ad Exchange Networks, hence the name Hyperbidder.
Latest Developments

April 25, 2018
Hyperbidder Advisor and former Deloitte Director Roger Walter is promoted as the new COO.

March 16, 2018
Hyperbidder rolls out a new custom API that allows its Advertisers to buy Ads with Cryptocurrency

March 9, 2018
Deloitte's Director Roger Walter joined Hyperbidder ICO Advisory Board

March 7, 2018
Managing Partner of HPL Harald Plewka joined Hyperbidder ICO Advisory Board

Feb 19, 2018
JEXO™ Token was tested on Ethereum Block Explorer Ropsten Etherscan

Feb 16, 2018
JEXO™ was created (Test Version-Not for circulation)

Feb. 7, 2018
Badertscher Law Firm's Attorney and Tax Expert Christian Gutekunst joined Advisory Board

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You can help us out by donating into our Project. We accept Ethereum.
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Disrupting the Digital Ad Industry
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